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Boise Tenant Residential Clean-up

When you purchase an investment property or are hired as a real estate agent, the previous tenants may have left behind possessions and other debris that need to be removed before renovations or selling can begin. At Fast Trash, we provide real estate trash haul to clear the property so you can prepare it to put it on the market.

Cleaning homes and removing any remaining trash can be an incredible hassle and slow down the work you want to get to. That’s why we offer on-demand real estate cleanup. We remove any debris you need to be cleared. If you want a completely blank slate to flip your investment property, we can haul away appliances such as ovens/ranges, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers. If you are performing demolition and want to clear away old cabinets, drywall, or any other demolition debris, we’re the ones to call.

household junk in trailer

old lumber in a dumpster

Professional Junk Hauling

As a real estate agent or investor, your time is incredibly valuable. The longer you spend readying the property to be put on the market, the longer you have to wait to make a profit. At Fast Trash, we can save you the precious time it would take for you to load and haul away trash to the appropriate locations.

The real estate market in the Treasure Valley is booming, and we can help make the process of investing, flipping, and selling a home easier for you.

Give us a call today, and we’ll haul away your real estate development debris.

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